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Nipple Stimulators


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Reverb Vibrating Nipple Suckers


These squeezable nipple suckers are topped with powerful vibrating bullets, for a rush of pleasure coupled with thrilling vibration! The pleasurable vacuum pul ls the blood to the surface of their flesh, enhancing arousal and increasing sen sitivity. The bullet vibes provide additional stimulation at the touch of a butt on. Just stick these sexy suckers to the nipples and...

Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set


These tweezer style nipple clamps adorn the chest with three graduated silver balls that dangle from the end. The adjustable clamps have a sliding ring that will allow you to modify the amount of pressure that is applied and are coated with vinyl for comfort and a better grip. These beaded clamps are ideal for beginner or advanced nipple play....

The Breast


Silicone cups stay in place while the vibrating ticklers deliver incredible pleasure to your breast and nipples. Hands-free and wire-free. Batteries included.

Jugs Nipple Clamps With Buckets


Put your submissive or slave through a unique torment with a set of nipple clamps that allow you to add weight in an unusual way! In the style of butterfly clamps, or clover clamps, these attractive pincers get tighter as they are pulled. Rubber tips ensure that all pain is in the form of pleasure and that they maintain their...

Monarch Noir Nipple Vice


A timeless classic. The Monarch Nipple Vice provides a light initial sensation... Until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh. clamping down harder as more pressure is pulled on the chain. The 'clover' style mechanism makes the monarchs grip tighter and unyielding on sensitive flesh. Ideal for solo play or with the one you want to dominate.

Fantasy for Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers 2"


She cupped her breast and placed the Vibrating Nipple Suck-Her on her sensitive nipple. The dainty pleasure nubs tickled her sensitive skin as she gently greedily grabbed her nipple and she heard herself gasp. She pressed the clever little vibe and immediately a rush of exhilarating vibrations tickled her nipple and created a thrilling pleasure throughout her breast. The sensual...

Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels


Adorn yourself with these sexy pink nipple tassels from Frisky! Soft cotton candy colored tassels will dangle enticingly from your nipples, and are the perfect addition to any lingerie set. Give your nipples a pleasured pinch with the adjustable bullnose style nipple clamps that are quickly and easily made tighter or more loose with the screws on the side. Rubber...

Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs


Bring them to their knees in powerfully pinched pleasure. This set of two ultra magnetized orbs may be small in size, but these intense balls pack some serious pressure. Once placed on sensitive flesh, these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. Make a game of seeing how long they can keep these pinching set of extra strong magnets in...

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